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Create Narrated Storybook Google Slides for Children

When Google announced that the "insert sound" component in the G suite collection of apps was being introduced, a new line of content was introduced. One amazing opportunity of this upgrade allowed for content creators to produce narrated storybook for children.

Creating these pieces of literary work can be done realitivity easy if you follow a series of steps.

STEP 1: Envision and Outline

This process assumes you have a basic understanding of the google apps used in the google suite for education. With google docs, a sheet of paper and pencil or index cards create a plan. Envision what you want the story to be about. Create an outline of the storyline, making sure the progression of scenes make sense.

STEP 2: Create Your Illustrations or Visuals

Next, take your outline, create and populate your google slides deck. You can insert short text segments describing the google slide scene. This is the moment when you and your students can draw illustrations and directly import them to a google slide. Slides don't have to be limited to drawings. Feel free to import pictures from your phone or a silent video scene or gif.

STEP 3: Create Your Narration

There are variety of DAWS that will provide you a platform to record from. One free service is available at Other DAWS include soundtrap, audacity, protools and a whole slew of other sites. Once you have created a sound file from one of these DAWS be sure to export them as an MP3 and save them to your Google Drive.

STEP 4: Assembly Required

Now that you have acquired all of your slides, recorded narration MP3s, and visuals, it is time to create the end product.

It is time to make sure each slide has the appropriate, yet somewhat limited text and visual illustrations on it. Next, select insert at the top of the page and choose audio. Choose the correct narration mp3 from your Google Drive.

Now, in the bottom left hand corner, drag the audio icon. Right click the icon so that the formating options panel opens on the right hand side. You now have the option to start playing the narration on click or automatically. You may want to consider selecting automatically if the slide show is meant to have timed transitions, if not I would consider playing the audio on the click option.

Please note: You have the option to adjust the volume of the audio file.

STEP 5: Set Timings, Test and Release!

Once you have finished compiling the project go to File, then "Publish to the Web." Once this has been done be sure to review and make any final adjustments in timing, transitions, volumes or other various artistic nuances.

Now you are ready to release it into the world! You can send the narrated book as a link or embed it in a website.

Happy Creating!